Design in Vicenza

Interior design & refurbishment.

Our offices based in Thiene, province of Vicenza, create interior design and refurbishment projects.

Our goal is to make unique and extraordinary even the simplest location or setting..

We will provide you with a single piece of furniture as well as a fully furnished site including plans, systems, permits, and certifications. All of these carried out accordingly to a prior estimate, assessed budget and agreed deadlines.

Attention to detail

Our Experience

“Each experience is unique. As unique as our client and the history that a given site tells. The unique final result will prove that nothing has been left to chance.”


Innovative and advanced turnkey solutions.

Your custom-made living space.

The entire design stage begins and is further developed through a close collaboration with the contractor.
Particular attention is given to the functional distribution of rooms and their furnishings for the best living comfort.

We select materials, finish, and colors also through 3-D renderings while designing bespoke furniture and supporting the client in his choice of products and suppliers.

From home furnishings to exhibitions and solutions for businesses our Thiene-based offices are your benchmark if you are looking for a thorough attention to detail and a coordinate study in terms of colors and materials.