Interior Design & Refurbishment

From home furnishings to exhibitions and solutions for businesses our Thiene-based offices are your benchmark if you are looking for a thorough attention to detail and a coordinate study in terms of colors and materials.

We select materials, finish, and colors also through 3-D renderings while designing bespoke furniture and supporting the client in his choice of products and suppliers.


Preliminary draft: throughout this phase we put down client’s needs and desires and define guidelines for a correct space layout.

Final design:this is where ideas become a comprehensive reality and form a base for a scrupulous budgeting of site works.

Executive design: these drawings are necessary for the actual execution of works. They represent an essential tool for our technicians and other workforce, and serve as reference for paperwork if required.

Execution of works

Our innovative and advanced turnkey solutions allow us to optimize experience and rapidly adapt to any situation as well as client’s expectations.

Supervision of works

Our team will duly supervise the project execution in each stage.

Standard furnishings

Restaurants and tourist facilities call for a clearly defined project featuring special adjustments when it comes to design and architecture. It’s important they perfectly match the space they were designed for.

Bespoke furnishings

From a sketch to a finished piece of furniture, the solutions are unlimited in terms of colors and materials.


Design, creation, and customization of pre-spaced graphics, silk-screen prints and other printed materials, banners, catalogues, and wallpaper.